Photogrammetry training

Perhaps you’re not familiar with terminology such as orthophoto plan, DEM, cubature, overlap and DTM. Nevertheless, if you are a civilian UAV operator you’ll be using this terminology on a regular basis. More so than terminology, the notion of data processing and the associated applications are covered during our photogrammetry training, which we provide in partnership with Acute3D.


The processing of data captured using UAVs provides essential added value for the work of civilian UAV operators. To expand our services for UAV operators and the future operators we train, we are now able to offer photogrammetry training. To this end, a partnership with Acute3D has been formed. Acute3D provides photogrammetry software called Smart3DCapture. This software is the most advanced on the market thanks to its ability to provide a very accurate rendering (special algorithm) and the ability to process a near-unlimited number of images.


4 days – 28 hours

Participant profile: This training is open to UAV operators and remote pilots, as well as employees of design and consulting firms, surveyor and architect firms, building and public works companies, administrations and local authorities that use aerial images.

We recommend having knowledge of the Windows computer environment and a basic understanding of digital photography. No aeronautical knowledge is required, although a microlight plane or PPL theory certificate is a plus.

This training is limited to four trainees per session. A fully-equipped PC is provided to every trainee. A trainer with an engineering background leads this module.

The Photogrammetry – Smart3DCapture training is organised as follows:

Day 1: Introduction to photogrammetry and Smart3DCapture

  • Theory : Introduction to photogrammetry concepts and terminology.
  • Theory :  Introduction to the principles of the Smart3DCapture Advanced software. Data used as input and type of files created. Dense scatter plots, meshing, points of interest and matching method. Type of scenes and applications.
  • Practical : Training in Smart3D Capture software and the processing workflow using a set of simple data.

Day 2 : Processing and introduction to capturing data sets

  • Practical : Validation of knowledge acquired by processing a set of georeferenced data, introduction to processing by tiling.
  • Practical :  Importing and editing control points in a set of georeferenced data, effective use of aerotriangulation and production of orthophotos, DSMs and LAS. Quality control in Google Earth.
  • Theory : Principle of capturing suitable aerial images, preparing the flight plan.
  • Practical : Training in flight plan software and preparation of a simulated assignment.

Day 3 : Specific case – Preparation and conduct of a field assignment

  • Practical : Preparation of a capture assignment based on a customer’s specifications
  • Practical : Execution of the assignment to capture data externally

Day 4 : Specific case – Generating a DTM

  • Practical : Analysis and processing of the dataset captured by the trainee to produce an orthophoto, a 3D scatter plot and a 3D model. Uploading of the project. Viewing the rendering in a GIS.

Progressing further and questions

  • Study of known examples of production problems: the importance of camera calibration
  • 3D editing and scatter plot tools
  • 3D model viewing tools
  • 3D printing

Times: each training day runs from 9 am to 12 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.


Price: €1,658 ex. tax


See the training schedule below.








Acute3D has chosen TECHNI DRONE as an official training centre for its Smart3DCapture software. Our know-how and experience in theoretical and practical training, as well as our leading position in France, are bolstered as a result.

This partnership has been developed in order to provide our trainees with the maximum amount of knowledge. As such, everyone who takes our fundamental remote pilot practical training will be offered a two-hour photogrammetry initiation module.

TECHNI DRONE and Acute3D therefore provide specific training in photogrammetry that combines theory, practical experience of the software and taking shots using a UAV. This training is provided over four days. The training programme was jointly developed by our two teams.


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